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Highlights of my Offer

Leadership Development

  • Role clarity and self management
  • Resonant leadership – leading with emotional intelligence
  • Giving and taking feedback in the context of a project and leadership
  • Mixed leadership – success potential of mixed teams
  • Managing processes effectively – lean management as an attitude in leadership
  • Using micro politics and power in organisations constructively
  • Leadership Peer Coaching
  • Female Power Team – achieving goals through collegial coaching

My Attitude

My work is based on the latest findings in neuro-biology on learning and development. I am mixing methods such as input, group and individual work and discussions in a larger group. Methods such as reflexions, feedback real life case studies, dialogue formats, work with inner pictures, metaphors and imaginations are focusing on behavior, attitude, values, and emotions.

Depending on the situation, I am also complementing these instruments with models from organizational development, psychology and economical theories. I work either alone or with internal or external partners depending on requirements.

In order to successfully lead people and organizations, managers need to develop their emotional and social intelligence. My means to help you achieve this growth is my attitude of appreciation and respect for the individual without compromising on clarity in my feedback.

I am a pragmatic systemic coach with a thorough education in economics and am keeping a keen eye on the desired outcome and the available resources to make that happen.

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