Organization and Strategy Development

My Offer

  • Competent support for strategy projects
  • Facilitation of strategic development processes
  • Consultation for strategy implementation
  • Facilitation of offsite intensive executive meetings

My Attitude

Change management projects have turned out successful whenever the implementation of new processes and the interfacing with all other processes and departments is done thoroughly and smoothly. An essential factor is that employees and management teams own and drive the new strategy forward. Therefore, engaging them in the complete process is crucial.

I am accompanying you through change and strategy processes with the help of instruments from organizational and cultural development. Potential facilitation methods are i.e. appreciate inquiry, world cafe and large group free flow formats.

The word „lean“ describes my work best – lean, focused on the end use and effective.

„Vitality „and „Fit for the future“ are the two strategically important questions that companies are facing today. The increased speed in which change is required in todays economical global landscape can also hold competitive advantages, if decision makers feel comfortable in taking decisions. Like during an expedition where the final goal is clear, all decisions towards that goals are a step into the unknown.

I am supporting executives in managing change in their companies and their own, help to accept lack of clarity and insecurities and to courageously follow the expedition path.

Financial success of organizations and an ethical attitude towards employees, stakeholders and the environment are interconnected. It is my goal to support managers to develop companies in this sense.

I am monitoring the effectiveness and sustainability of my work through continous evaluation and supervision.

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