Selection of projects

  • Leadership development for a large healthcare company
  • Leadership development, coaching and support for the executive team, facilitation of team meetings for a media company
  • Strategy development, working closely with the executive team, conflict resolution at a project development company
  • Introduction of the concept of collegial consultation at a publicly administered body dealing with projects that foster human development
  • Introduction of the concept of collegial consultation at a social institution
  • Extensive support, multi level organizational development for and with an executive group of a political organisation
  • Multi level organisational development, strategy development, working with the second level management, supporting the executive team during offsite intensive meetings at a major social organisation
  • Project choaching for the leading organisational development manager during a two-year change process in an international company across several company subsidaries
  • Consulting a network of 20 companies that collaborated in a network
  • Conflict mediation for an executive team at a social institution
  • Support of merger activities at a mid size group of companies in the plastics industry
  • Member of several coaching pools for companies and NGO s

Selection of my clients

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